Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Birthers Unite!

Apparently there are a couple more congressmen signing on to the "birthers" bill that is trying to be pushed through congress by Ted Poe (R), Texas. Poe is quick to point out that he "never said” Obama was born “anywhere but the United States" but he just wants to make sure that there is no question like this in the future. And I agree.

I would also like for congressmen who are against gay marriage to prove that they have never participated as a "catcher" in a homosexual gang-bang with House staffers. I'm not saying Ted Poe has been loaded from the backside with more se[a]men than an air-craft carrier, I'm just saying that we should clear this up in future so there is no question.

There really is nothing that will satisfy the brithers and I'm personally glad there is a such a large number of righ-wingers who now consider themselves "birthers." In reality, if they were doing something with a tangible end they may be dangerous.

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