Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You'll all be DEAD, DEAD, DEAD!

From the wires of the Republican News Desk:
You'll all be DEAD, DEAD, DEAD!
Of couse I'm talking about President Obama's plan for your future. If you get old or young or sick or pretty much just not a Democrat you will be killed under the Obama heath care plan (page 666).

As the shouting septegenarians and veterans of Town Hall meeting outrage will tell you: Government health care kills everyone.

Even our own brilliant Stephan Hawking wouldn't have a chance if he were to have to live in a country with Universal Healthcase. And .... hold on. What? Umm apparently Stephen Hawking is British, which someone just told me has universal healthcare like the U.K.'s.

Oops, um I've just been told the Britain is part of the U.K. It's a good thing he isn't treated by their unive... Okay, so I guess he's the exception that proves the rule.

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