Thursday, July 9, 2009

You know they are laughing at you, right?

Some people over at are very proud. They seem to be taking great pride in the fact that one of the brothers-in-arms "satirical" article made it to And I'd have to agree, if you can get you detractors to believe idiotic statements you've really done something.

The problem of course, is that it wasn't the detractors who were fooled, but their own mindless followers.

IMAO made Snopes!

Like Jim Treacher, I’m jealous: hate mail is all very well (and I retain some hope of getting my own hate site some day, or at least one for RedState that can meet our actually fairly demanding criteria), but having to have to have…

Yes, I think that’s grammatical.

…anyway, when Snopes has to put out an advisory on your site’s satire piece, You Have Officially Arrived On The Internet. Although, personally? I’m always going to think that Nuke the Moon was robbed.


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