Sunday, August 23, 2009

The best summary I've Read, Yeaahhhh Brooother.

picaso: The Republican philosophy, in a nut shell. Why offer solutions, when you can buff yourself up on cheers. Congratulations congressman, you're now a professional wrestler. Ladies and gentlemen! Wally 'The Health Care Killer' Herger!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Liskula Cohen is a Skank

Ok, I think everyone from the right to the left should get together for this.

Everyone write on your blog that Liskula Cohen is a skank!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Rep. Jackson is a Moron Hurting the Cause, Part I

Sheila Jackson (D), Texas, has always been a whack job but you would think she would at least know and understand how interact with her constituents. During a recent town hall meeting Congresswoman Jackson answered the phone while being asked a question. Now, unless you hang-up the phone and follow it with, "I'm sorry my son/daughter/grandson... was in an accident/hospital/cow's mouth ..." then there really is no excuse. How does this woman ever get elected showing such disrespect?

The perception of the public has long been that our elected officials have nothing but contempt for the people they SERVE and Congresswoman Jackson's actions only solidify that thought in people's mind.

Now this moron has added fuel to the fire of the anti-reform crowd by ignoring, what I thought to be, a pretty easy question. "If congresses conscious allows them to proceed in the direction of doing things simply because you believe it's good for America then we're on a path to tyranny, and when does it stop." Well, that is congress' job; To act to the benefit of the people of the United States so that they may partake in "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness."

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The World Has Gone Mad

A caller to the Rush Limbaugh show today called Newt Gingrich "a liberal" Republican.

You'll all be DEAD, DEAD, DEAD!

From the wires of the Republican News Desk:
You'll all be DEAD, DEAD, DEAD!
Of couse I'm talking about President Obama's plan for your future. If you get old or young or sick or pretty much just not a Democrat you will be killed under the Obama heath care plan (page 666).

As the shouting septegenarians and veterans of Town Hall meeting outrage will tell you: Government health care kills everyone.

Even our own brilliant Stephan Hawking wouldn't have a chance if he were to have to live in a country with Universal Healthcase. And .... hold on. What? Umm apparently Stephen Hawking is British, which someone just told me has universal healthcare like the U.K.'s.

Oops, um I've just been told the Britain is part of the U.K. It's a good thing he isn't treated by their unive... Okay, so I guess he's the exception that proves the rule.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Birthers Unite!

Apparently there are a couple more congressmen signing on to the "birthers" bill that is trying to be pushed through congress by Ted Poe (R), Texas. Poe is quick to point out that he "never said” Obama was born “anywhere but the United States" but he just wants to make sure that there is no question like this in the future. And I agree.

I would also like for congressmen who are against gay marriage to prove that they have never participated as a "catcher" in a homosexual gang-bang with House staffers. I'm not saying Ted Poe has been loaded from the backside with more se[a]men than an air-craft carrier, I'm just saying that we should clear this up in future so there is no question.

There really is nothing that will satisfy the brithers and I'm personally glad there is a such a large number of righ-wingers who now consider themselves "birthers." In reality, if they were doing something with a tangible end they may be dangerous.