Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Gay Marriage Strikes Again

To listen to those in the Republican party you'd think the only thing wrong with marriage in America is that gays want to take part in the "fun."

Apparently even the prospect of gay marriage has taken another victim. Gov. Sanford of South Carolina crumbled under the pressure of (other peoples) gay love and had an affair.

Of course, this is not funny, this is a conspiracy by the left-wing media. Just look at what was said on

Well, thanks to the invasive media, starting today he is back at work in Columbia. So where has he been hiding? I’ll let the government-run media fight over which trails he was at. But don’t believe for a second that his wife and other VIP’s didn’t know where he was. Quite simply, he left for a few days to clear his head. He did this without taking his private security detail, which you and I pay for. Because of this no one really wanted to tell the media where he actually was. They knew - but they were smart enough to not give it away.

As it now appears that we are one of the most highly-trafficed [sic] Mark Sanford 2012 sites, I thought that I should at least weigh-in on this non-issue. But so many other people have covered this story so well that I don’t have a ton to add. My favorite write-up regarding this story is found at - you can read the story at

If you want to read more about Mark Sanford’s hike, you can find it all over the web. Visit and you’ll have plenty to keep you busy for hours. So, as I leave you today, I wanted to share with you a quote from another famous South Carolina republican - Katon Dawson. Katon posted this tweet on twitter:

For years, Sen. Jake Knott has told @MarkSanford to take a hike. So, @MarkSanford does. And look what happens.

And we don't want to leave out any other conspiracies from

First, we need to be clear on the facts — not the media speculation:

Sanford did tell his staff and family where he was going.
Because he was traveling without a security detail, it was in his best interests that no one knew he was gone.
His political enemies — Republicans at that — ginned up the media story.
When confronted by a pestering media, things went downhill.
Again though, at all times there was no doubt that Sanford’s staff and family knew where he was.
Now, here is all you need to know about this whole entire story — the reaction from the erstwhile Republicans angry at Sanford for not being a fiscal squish and from the media all go back to their core belief that without Sanford manning the barricades of government at all times, the government will collapse and people will starve, die, and forget how to read and write.

That’s it.

But that did not happen. Life in South Carolina went on. The world did not end. Government did not go off the rails. That the media and politicians would react as they did says more about their world view than anything else.

It is refreshing that Mark Sanford is secure enough in himself and the people of South Carolina that he does not view himself as an indispensable man.

Of course, I'd expect these people to take these posts down soon and replace them with some drivel about Bill Clinton, but I don't remember Clinton telling us we are all evil people destroying the sanctity of marriage with gayness.

Personally, it sounded like some dude down in Argentina stringing along a perverted guy from 4,000 miles for money. Then when Mr. Sanford actually wants to get away from his horrible life and make a new one, whoops she's a dude. Why else would you not tell someone where you're going.

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