Thursday, June 18, 2009

From his mouth the MLB's ears.

Bush came out fighting today. Defending his actions during the "war on terror" and swiping at Obama's plan to jumpstart the economy (which is odd since it's the same as Mr. Bush's policies).

In this address Pres. Bush stated firmly a main tenant of belief of those on the right "Government does not create wealth." And I say three cheers for Mr. Bush. Hip-hip-HORAY! Hip-Hip-HORAY!

Wait a minute. What if the government could create wealth? I've just had an ingenious idea. I could by a minority interest in a professional baseball team, ask my politically connected friends to have the government seize land, have the tax payers build me a building, get tax breaks to conduct my business and then raise taxes to pay for it all!! Yeah, that will build me a lot of wealth. Has that ever been done before?

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